1.12 Slope and intercept of the graph of the function y = ax + b

Slope and intercept of the graph of the function y = ax + bFor this class we study how to identify the slope of a line and the 
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Slope and intersections from tables

In this section you will learn how to find the slope and the We have also created tables of values and graphs to represent them.

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Explanation calculation Slope and intercept straight line

And well, we see in the table they do not give us any value here where "x" is equal to 0, but maybe we can infer it using the values they give us.

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Equation of a straight line (Slope

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Use of the slope-intercept form

julioprofe (member of #EdutubersColombia) explains how to find the intercepts of three lines with the X and Y axes.Contents:00:00 - 01:47