How to graph a slope equation

it is known by the name, as a line slope ordered to the origin i.e., whenever you see a line of the form "y" is equal to "mx" plus "b" we will  

Point-slope equations of a straight line

Don't miss part 2. Learn how to graph a straight line from its equation/function of the form 

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Graphing the line knowing the slope and the cut-off point

How to find the equation of the straight line from a point and its slope is described. Examples with graphs.

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Plotting the graph of the linear function given the slope and the

Write the equation for each of the functions whose graphs are pre-set: 1. We identify the intercept with the y-axis and analyze the slope as

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LINEAR FUNCTIONS 📉 Types, Graphical Representation

As the equation describes a line in terms of its slope and its intersection, we can draw a graph of
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