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It is a math trick able to guess the age of the subject who participates, as well as your shoe size, regardless of whether it is

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Math Trick #01 Guess foot/shoe size and age

a Mathematical Riddle that to many people causes curiosity and amazement, and of course if at the end it tells you your shoe size and current age.

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Mathematical trick that reveals shoe size and age with

What is the relationship between the length of the foot and the shoe size?

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Is it possible for a mathematical trick to guess the size of your

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This is the result of the mathematical puzzle of the

This is the result of the mathematical puzzle of the sneakers, the cones and the child. Solution of the puzzle of the week. To solve the

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Your shoe size and age! (Mathematical riddle) │ Portal

Subscribe: this mathematical trick or mathematical magic we will be able to guess the foot size and age of a person.

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The Sneaker Problem and the Lost Euro

Do you want to leave everyone with their mouths open? We teach you a mathematical magic trick to calculate the size of shoes and the age of
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